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By Rod Green

Rod Green

Get ready for your next phase

We all go through phases in our lives.

That’s what makes life interesting. But step back and think — good or bad, we either have life happen “to us” or we can take control, make a change and do what we really want. When I made that realization, my life profoundly changed.

Next Phase Success

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Rod Green

I'm NFL super star, Rod Green.

Okay, the super star part isn't true...

...but that very well could have been the case were it not for a career ending injury I suffered in the NFL while playing for the Washington Redskins. I quickly found myself in a new phase of my life. I was unprepared. Seriously unprepared. I went from having everything scheduled for me – down to the minute – to having no idea what I was supposed to do next.

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I got introduced to a team of people who had gone through some hiccups in life just like I was finding myself going through. They were just regular, every day people with normal jobs but they just weren't where they wanted to be. But they had come out the other side. It was just what I had been missing – a little motivation, a little support. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think I was a complete mess, but there was certainly something that was keeping me down. I just didn't realize all it took was a team to help me get out of this funk. And that was what I was missing – the team. I used to be part of a team in my football days. Teamwork was everything then. It was supportive and structured with rules and safety nets, and it allowed me to be my best ME. I had to step back and think about how many other people were in my same position and just might be needing a little help to get going. Maybe that's you. Maybe you'd like to learn more about what worked for me, Rod Green.

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As a former NFL wide receiver and team Isagenix member I have experienced the true power of Isagenix. I’d like to help you do the same. Whether you’re an athlete or not, if you want to step up your performance or energy level, Rod Green can help. Check out the rest of my website, then submit your information on my contact page. I’ll be in touch with you and we’ll discuss the amazing changes you are going to experience in this next phase of your life.

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