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The Next Phase

Next Phase

 The Next Phase of Your Life

When I was a young boy, I dreamed of a career in law enforcement- ATF or the secret service to be exact. However, life took its typical twists and turns and led me on a very different path. In April of 1988, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to play football in the NFL.  The Washington Redskins was my family and home for a very exciting chapter in my life.  I lived in the moments and experienced the highs (and lows) of playing professional football, all the while never focusing too much on any future life stage as many young adults do.  Suddenly, life as I knew it came to a screeching halt. I suffered a tibia fracture, an injury that abruptly ended my NFL career -- and with it, the shattered hope of pursuing a career in law enforcement.

 The Next Phase of your life should always include an evolution, to develop and diversify from an earlier version of yourself.  I like defining evolution as an unfolding or transformation. Does your Next Phase include weight loss?  Losing weight is an exciting transformation process as you will actually witness this evolution as your body changes. It is common health knowledge that a combination of diet and exercise is best at any stage of weight loss whether you are just starting out on this road or are just a few pounds from your goal. 80% of weight loss is diet.  This includes WHAT you put in your body, WHEN you put it in your body and the QUALITY of the food, drink, vitamins, supplements that you ingest. The key to weight loss is taking in less calories than you burn. I’m not talking about fad diets or cleanses, but about a lifestyle change.

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