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In my life, I incorporate Isagenix into my diet to create a comprehensive meal plan. Isagenix systems are packaged to help you achieve YOUR best results. Isagenix has amazing health and wellness products that help me eat better, sleep better and, as a result, have more energy. The coolest thing about Isagenix supplements and other Isagenix products is that these wellness products do the mental work for you. You don’t have to spend hours monitoring what is going into your body and researching the benefits and quality of each ingredient. Isagenix has already done the heavy lifting and I can trust that these products are providing me with the things my body needs. How do we know this? Just ask any of us who have had their health and lifestyles so positively impacted by Isagenix. I’ll be sharing stories with you about my life post-NFL career, my Next Phase, meant to inspire and educate. I also want to hear your stories and help you achieve your goals. To learn more, visit or contact me at (650) 275-4834.


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