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By Rod Green

Everyday is Gameday!

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When your best isn't good enough.

We've all heard it just do your best just make sure you give it all that you can. But we all know that's really not the case. Having worked and competing against the best for decades I've learned what it takes to be the best. Anybody can have a good day, week, or month, but as a high performer who is successful you have to consistently do this day after day month after month year after year over the course of your entire career.

These days hard work, having talent, and doing all the right things is not enough. You’ve seen it time and time again performance is about results and not about showing up and best effort, because that's expected, and those results are about showing up everyday and hitting the mark regardless of the situation.

It all boils down to efficiency, as a former free agent NFL wide receiver and now successful Information Technology architect and business leader, I've come to know that regardless of who you are you need to become efficient in every aspect of your life. You are going to need to grow and invest time in yourself in order to maintain and sustain a high level of performance. In other words you've got to raise the bar every day because  everyday is Gameday.

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